1.9 Too Good to Last

But some things are just too good to last. Plumb lost most of his interest in his son after his first birthday. In fact, Plumb had lost interest in most of the things he used to enjoy. There would be days when Yuzu would come home to find him doing nothing more than staring out of the front window.

Yuzu came home one day to find her fiancé staring out that same window while their son sat by himself in the corner. Dekopon wasn’t crying or anything, but she still found it to be an unnerving sight. Dekopon’s face lit up at the sight of his mother. Poor thing was probably bored out of his mind…

“So…how long have you been standing there today?” Yuzu inquired.

“I dunno… I wasn’t really keeping track,” Plumb said, his gaze not leaving the window. “Couldn’t have been that long.”

“You know, you could spend some time with your son instead of staring off into space…”

“Ugh, not this again!” Plumb growled. “For the last time, I take care of the kid! I’m here all day with him! I make sure he’s changed and fed! Just because I’m not spending every second with him doesn’t mean he’s being neglected!”

Yuzu let out a sigh. Here we go again…

“That’s not what I’m saying at all! Spending time with him is more than just making sure his needs are met… and nobody said you have to stay at home! The two of you could go to the park, I’m sure Dekopon would love that!”

When Yuzu’s suggestion was met with no response she realized there wasn’t much she could do. “I don’t mean to keep saying the same thing over and over. I just worry about you, you know? Let’s all go to the park sometime. It’s not the end of the world, it’ll be fun…”

More silence. Yuzu gave up for the moment and walked over to her son. She scooped him up and gave him a big hug. She glanced back at Plumb to see him still by the window. ‘Maybe he’s just stressed from taking care of the baby all day…’

Yuzu knew that probably wasn’t the case, but she decided to try and give him some space for the rest of the day.

By the time dinner came around, it actually seemed to be working. Plumb was smiling and making some light dinner conversation. And then…

“I’m going to bed.”

The second he had finished his meal he stood up and stared off in the direction of the bedroom. Yuzu was caught off-guard. It was still fairly early to be going to bed. She stuffed the remainder of her meal into her mouth and hastily stood up from her chair.

“I’ll go to bed with you, if you’d like. I mean, Dekopon needs to be going to bed now anyways, and we’ve all finished our meal.” Yuzu reached over to collect the plates and hurried them over to the sink to be washed. “You can put him to bed while I do the dishes. I’ll come to the bedroom in a little bit, ok?”

“Uhhh, ok, I guess…” Plumb mumbled. He picked Dekopon up from his highchair and plodded off towards the bedroom.

It didn’t take Plumb very long to fall asleep, but Yuzu stayed awake. Something was obviously bothering Plumb. Was it just staying home with the baby? He always used to go out on his own, but nowadays he was staying home while Yuzu was at work. Maybe they would have to get a nanny? They couldn’t really afford it, especially since they needed to make a new room for Dekopon eventually. ‘We’ll work something out,’ she tried to reassure herself as she fell asleep.

‘Things will get better, right…?’



So… I’m not dead. I’m sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth for like two months. I’ve been going through an “adjustment period,” to put it simply. But my winter break just started, and I’m not going to take any classes during the intersession, so I’m going to have a lot more free time for the next month.

  • As far as updates go, I don’t know what (if any) sort of schedule I’ll be following. Just know that updates will exist and be written. 😛


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1.8 A growing family

“Plumb? I, um, have some news… I’m pregnant” She grimaced nervously as she told him about her new discovery.

But her fiancé reacted much better than she thought he would to this unexpected news. It meant pushing back their wedding for a while, but that was just a little thing compared to raising a child.

“Sweet! I’m gonna be a dad! I hope it’s a boy! This’ll be great!”

Plumb turned out to be a very attentive father-to-be. He had stopped disappearing for such long stretches of time, opting to spend more time with his fiancée instead.

He also helped out more around the house. He finally fixed the tv (the two had little in the form of in-home entertainment before this), even though by this point it probably made more sense to replace it.

He also helped with the house chores. He took out the trash so Yuzu wouldn’t strain her back. When the sink broke in the night, he fixed the sink and then cleaned up the water before Yuzu woke up that morning.

Plumb also loved listening and talking to the baby. Yuzu swore the growing baby was more active when their daddy was there.

Yuzu did her usual thing around the house. Some light cleaning, a lot of cooking, as well as a lot more resting in the later months.

But once she couldn’t go to work anymore she grew very bored very quickly. To remedy this, Yuzu invited a few friends over for dinner.

Unfortunately the baby didn’t feel much like entertaining. Yuzu was feeling so sore and uncomfortable she went to bed shortly after dinner.

Early the next morning, before the sun had even come out to greet the day, Yuzu woke up to a pain unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. Plumb was already up watching tv in the other room when he heard Yuzu’s cries of pain and quickly went to see what was wrong.

The two rushed to the hospital, and after 4-and-a-half hours of labor, baby boy Dekopon Citrus was welcomed into the world. Her family had grown by one more.

Dekopon sure was a sweet little thing. His parents gave him lots and lots of attention, and it seemed like he loved every minute of it.

But babies grow up very quickly. Before long, Dekopon was already turning a year old. Yuzu bought a little cake from the bistro and helped blow out his single candle. She secretly made his wish for him, seeing as he was unlikely to think one up himself, that Dekopon would grow up happy and healthy.

Looking at his sweet little face, Yuzu was elated by the thought of teaching him how to walk, talk, and use the potty. Kids really do grow up so fast!



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  • I grew Dekopon up the day he came home. Sim babies are kinda creepy, don’t you think?
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1.7 As the next year passed

Over the next five months, Plumb and Yuzu progressed into a long-term relationship. She was spending a lot more time at his place, trying to avoid the loneliness of her own home.

At the start of the sixth month, Plumb moved in with Yuzu. Now Yuzu had someone to curl up next to at night, and someone to eat breakfast with. It might not seem like much to you, but to her, they were truly magical times.

And Yuzu finally got a new shower installed! Thanks to the added income, she was even able to spring for one of higher quality. Long after it was installed, she would find herself staring at it in awe.

But things don’t always stay perfect. Plumb began to disappear, usually for hours at a time. Yuzu never knew where he went, and he’d never answer his phone.

As the months went by, Plumb would disappear more and more. One night he didn’t even come home at all. It turned out he had slept on a city bench until morning.

Yuzu tried not to mind too much. She’d always be sure to give him a big hug the minute he came home.

“Hey there,” Yuzu said in her most cheerful voice, “I almost thought you weren’t going to be around to celebrate our special day.”

“Yeah, yeah. I didn’t forget,” Plumb said with a rather mischievous grin. “In fact, I have a surprise for you!”

“You have a what?”

“Well we’ve been going out for a year now, you don’t think I’d get you something?”

“But what I really wanted,” Plumb kneeled down and got something from his pocket. “Was to ask you something…”

Yuzu Citrus, will you marry me?

For a moment she was speechless, then she let out a happy shriek.  She nodded wildly and held out her hand as Plumb slipped the ring onto her finger. She let out another shriek of joy and gave Plumb the biggest hug she could muster.

It was then that they went into the bedroom, and… “enjoyed each other’s company.”



  • “Enjoying each other’s company” will most likely be my usual euphemism for woohoo/sex. I mean, come on- wouldn’t most dads skirt around the subject when talking to their teen daughter? (Mine would :P)
  • I arrange the photos way in advance compared to actually writing the story. Kinda tempted to make this into one of those mini-legacy. Eh, I guess my legacy is short enough as it is now.

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1.6 Moving on

It had been a couple of weeks since Yuzu found out about Ginger. Cashew had called a few times, but Yuzu couldn’t bring herself to answer it.

The first day she just mostly sat around in her underwear, feeling sorry for herself. A whole day of sugary foods and moping later, she wasn’t getting any better. So the next days turned into more of the same. But now she was bored of her house, and she wanted to take a shower.

Fortunately, Apple called her to invite her over to meet her new boyfriend. While meeting some else’s love wasn’t exactly what Yuzu wanted to do in order to get out of the house, she said she’d go anyways. It would probably do her good. Plus, Apple said she could use her shower; it was awkward going to the gym all the time and not working out.

So after a quick shower, Yuzu met Apple’s roomates.

First up was her new boyfriend, Red Cherry. Apparently they’d been roommates together for months now, but just recently admitted their attraction to each other. In Yuzu’s opinion, the two didn’t really seem to… match. A bad boy and a serious bookworm? Seemed like some movie cliché.

But it seemed to be working. Maybe opposites really do attract? It looked like Yuzu would have to meet the others by herself.

The next sim she met was Blanca. She was a bit of a snob, and definitely not the sweetest berry in the bowl.

“Why do you talk like that…?”

“I’m from a different country,” Yuzu wondered if this was going to be a big deal with everyone she’d meet. “Shang Stir-fry, to be exact.”

“Ew, foreigner…” Blanca scoffed before walking away.

…It wasn’t likely that they were going to be friends.

“Plumb’s probably somewhere upstairs if you wanna meet him too,” Apple came up for air long enough to gesture to the stairs. “You’re gonna have to find him yourself though.”

Not wanting to lurk around while the two of them ate each other’s faces, Yuzu went upstairs to find someone else to talk to.

“Hey there, haven’t met you before.”

“Heheh, I’m a friend of Apple’s.”

“Well, friend-of-Apple’s, glad you came. You got a name?”

“Yuzu, Yuzu Citrus,” she giggled again. It’s been a while since someone had flirted with her so openly.

At least, she hoped he was flirting. It was hard to know for sure after the “disaster” with Cashew. Either way, meeting Pumb turned out to be just the pick-me-up she needed.

“How about you and me go get something to eat? My treat, you hungry?”

He ended up taking her to the fancy little bistro, where they dined on salmon, steak, and angel food cake. The conversation was light and pleasant ,and the food was amazing! It ended up being just the thing to raise Yuzu’s spirits.

She was trying her hardest not to be overly optimistic, but it was hard after such a romantic gesture. Either way, she was excited to see where this would go.



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1.5 …And his beautiful wife

As hard as it was, Yuzu had to shake off the pain and tried her best to bring back the smile as the two headed towards her.

Ginger didn’t seem too impressed with Yuzu. She just gave Yuzu a cold stare, not even pretending to be happy about her presence. Whatever amount of smiling Yuzu had mustered up was blown away, and she stared back with a dull expression.

Cashew was oblivious to the tension between the two women beside him. “I’m so glad you’re here! Yuzu, I’d like you to meet my fiancée, Ginger Twist. Well, soon-to-be Ginger Torte!” He chuckled.

“So you must be the one taking up all of my fiancé’s time,” Ginger was trying to sound as good-humored as her future husband, but it was obvious to Yuzu that Ginger resented the time he spent with another woman.

As fun as having dinner with someone who didn’t want you there sounded, this was not what Yuzu thought she would be doing this evening. She was too disappointed at this point to try and endure a whole dinner now. All she wanted to do now was sit at home by herself, maybe watch some tv.

Oh wait, the TV was still broken… but even sitting at home with a broken TV was better than sitting here with her broken heart.

“You know what, I’m actually not feeling the best,” Yuzu lied, “I might’ve caught something from one of my co-workers. I think I’m gonna just go home.”

“Are you sure? I hope it’s nothing serious…” Cashew looked concerned. Oh, why did he have to be so caring?

“Probably not, I think I just need to rest for a while.”

“Well, if you’re sure…” Cashew pulled her into a hug goodbye. It actually made her smile again for a moment, until she remembered that they’d never share more than hugs; they’d never be more than just friends.

It took all of the self-control Yuzu could muster not to race off of their property and into the safety of her own house. She managed to reduce it to a power walk as she let herself out through the gate.

“Byee!” Ginger called after her, sweet as could be. “So sorry you’re not feeling well! Maybe another time!”

Yuzu didn’t turn back. She knew there wasn’t going to be another time.



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1.4 Meet the man of your dreams…

He was here? Really? Why was he here? He didn’t… no, he couldn’t possibly

“I didn’t know you were the one my mother hired to help tend her garden,” he chuckled, “small world…”

Well, that answered that question. Cashew was a Torte. Even though she hadn’t been living in Sugar Valley long, even she knew the Tortes were quite wealthy. What was she supposed to say?

“Hellooo,” Cashew called, “you still there?”

“Huh?” Yuzu snapped out of her thoughts. She needed to get some things straight. “Oh, yes… do you want to go talk over there?”

“Sooo,” Yuzu was going to get right to the point. “Any particular reason you didn’t tell me you were a Torte?”

“Ummm, excuse me?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were the son of a very important family?”

Cashew was a bit taken aback by that one.”Oh, well I’m sorry, but I don’t go over my family tree with people who randomly come up to me in the park!”

“I didn’t even do anything wrong…” he sighed, looking slightly defeated.

Yuzu fell silent. Maybe she was being too hot-headed. They wouldn’t be very good friends if she kept instigating arguments.
“It was just a surprise, is all.”

After smoothing that last argument over, the two were quickly becoming close friends.

They went all sorts of places together. The park, the movies. They even went to that fancy bistro for lunch once! Their arguments were happening less and less often, and they actually found out they had a lot in common!

Cashew would even come visit her after work some days. He would always listen to her work stories, no matter how trivial the subject seemed. It was nice to be able to sit and relax with a friend right after work, to have a friendly ear.

The more the two talked together, the more Yuzu knew she was falling for him. It was the little things, mostly; his facial expressions, the way he spoke… and he seemed like he truly cared about what she had to say. She just loved having him around!

One day Cashew invited Yuzu over for dinner at his estate. This would actually be the first time she’d ever actually been inside his house. She’d only ever spent time outside, tending the garden. As she approached the steps, the door was already opening. He must have seen her walking up the front yard.

She smiled to herself. If all went well tonight, maybe things between her and Cashew would become a little more… serious…

That smile quickly faded when Yuzu saw him come through the door.

With her on his arm. Yuzu felt her heart drop to the floor…

And shatter into a million pieces…



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1.3 Surprises

After talking with Cashew for a while, Yuzu headed towards the gym. But it wasn’t for a workout, Apple told her about the gym’s shower facilities. Since she didn’t have a shower of her own, this was going to have to do.

Then it was off to bed, Yuzu’s first day of work was tomorrow!

The next morning Yuzu marched off to work. It was her first time at an actual job, and she wasn’t sure what to expect. Still, she felt prepared.

But it wasn’t easy. It turns out helping think up a few meals for the menu didn’t really get good money. She ended up doing some prep work as well. Cooking professionally was hard! Everything was really hectic, and she wasn’t as fast as she thought she was.

Needless to say, all she wanted to do when she came home was relax in front of the tv.

And then the tv broke…

At first she just stared at the tv in disbelief.
‘Well isn’t that just great…’ she thought. She still didn’t have enough money for a new shower, and now she had to get her tv fixed!

She was going have to get another job.

Fortunately, Raspberry Torte was looking for someone to help her in her garden. Tending to the whole thing by herself was turning into an all day job. All Yuzu would have to do is help harvest the crops when they were ready; she’d get a small amount of money as well as a share of the crops.

Even though Mrs. Torte said it was a small amount of money, it still payed well for the work being done. Plus, the fresh fruits and vegetables meant she didn’t have to buy anything to cook with.

At first Mrs. Torte would work with Yuzu everyday. She was probably keeping an eye on Yuzu more than anything else.

But after a few weeks Mrs. Torte would leave Yuzu to tend the garden by herself. Tending the garden by herself was actually rather boring. At least with Mrs. Torte around there would be someone to talk to.

One day she was so zoned out while tending the garden she didn’t even know there was someone behind her until they spoke.

“Well, fancy meeting you here!”

‘No. Way.’



  • Right now I’m writing these posts a couple chapters in advance (this note was written on August 2nd) so I’m not pressured with a deadline or what-not. A post should come out about once a week unless I’m far enough ahead and I choose to post it sooner.
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